Low calorie sweeteners could have a greater role in sugar reduction and food reformulation

Sep 2016
Highlights from the Sugar Reduction Summit, London, 22nd September 2016 The Sugar Reduction Summit took place for a third consecutive year in London on 22nd September and was attended by more than 150 policymak...
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Blutzuckerkontrolle und Diabetesrisiko werden durch kalorienarme Süßstoffe nicht beeinträchtigt

Blutzuckerkontrolle und Diabetesrisiko…

Sep 2017
Die auf der Jahrestagung der European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) von Young et al. präsentierten Studienergebnisse werden von mehreren früheren Studien von der gleichen Forschungsgruppe nicht un...
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Does low calorie sweetener consumption affect energy intake and body weight?

Prof Peter Rogers takes us through the results of his review published in the International Journal of Obesity in November 2015. The review looked at the effect of low calorie sweeteners’ exposure on calorie intake and body weight. The results indicate that the use of low calorie sweetened beverages leads to reduced energy intake and body weight, and possibly also when compared with water.