World Diabetes Day 2016


World Diabetes Day 2016

ISA lays “eyes on diabetes”
ISA supports this year’s World Diabetes Day with an integrated online activity programme themed “It’s easy to start with one simple step”


For a fifth consecutive year, the International Sweeteners Association (ISA) proudly supports the effort of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) to raise awareness on diabetes prevention and management, with an online dedicated campaign for World Diabetes Day 2016. For this year’s activities, the ISA is very pleased to have had the valuable scientific support of the European Specialist Dietetic Network for Diabetes of the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD).

The core of this online campaign consists of an insightful animated video and a dynamic infographic, which under the umbrella theme “It’s easy to start with one simple step!” explain the importance of getting small, everyday choices right in order to help people live a healthier life with diabetes without complications.

Five steps towards a healthier life with diabetes
Watch the ISA animated video in support of World Diabetes Day and find out why “It’s easy to start with one simple step”.


The 5-step infographic takes us through simple steps towards a healthier life with diabetes
Download the infographic (please see below for more languages) to follow the story of how taking 5 simple steps can help in better glycemic control and a healthier life with diabetes. This 5-step infographic provides science-based information on dietary and lifestyle recommendations for people with type 2 diabetes, and has been developed with the scientific support of the European Specialist Dietetic Network for Diabetes of the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD). More specifically, these 5 steps include:

  1. Healthier eating habits
  2. Being more active
  3. Monitoring carbs and reducing sugars’ intake
  4. Better weight management
  5. Blood glucose monitoring

You may download the infographic in different languages below:

Do not miss the video interviews with renowned experts in nutrition and diabetes
In the context of the ISA campaign on World Diabetes Day 2016, the ISA had the great honour and pleasure to interview three renowned experts in nutrition, Prof Anne Raben, University of Copenhagen, Denmark; Dr Caomhan Logue, Ulster University, Northern Ireland, UK; and Dr Aimilia Papakonstantinou, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece.

In the video interviews, the experts are talking about the role of dietary and lifestyle interventions in diabetes prevention and management, and they translate the science on the role of these lifestyle changes in diabetes into simple messages that can help people achieve good glycaemic control. In these videos, the three experts also discuss the role low calorie sweeteners can play in the diet of people with diabetes as a safe option to enjoy sweet taste without calories and most importantly without affecting blood glucose and insulin 4,5.

The ISA campaign for #WDD goes social!

Stay tuned on ISA social media profiles to find out what these key 5 steps are that can help people with diabetes manage more effectively their glucose levels and live healthier with diabetes. So don’t forget to follow @SweetenersAndU, our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and to subscribe to the ISA YouTube channel!

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« Faites-le pour vous » - L'ISA soutient la Journée mondiale du Diabète 2017

La vie. Elle ne s’arrête jamais pour nous les femmes. Nous sommes parfois tellement accaparées par les attentes de nos enfants, de nos conjoints et de nos activités quotidiennes, que nous perdons de vue nos propres besoins. Néanmoins si vous souffrez d’un diabète de type 1, de type 2 ou gestationnel, il est absolument indispensable que vous preniez aussi soin de vous. Par conséquent, quoi que vous fassiez pour les autres aujourd’hui, occupez-vous aussi de vous et de votre santé.